Menu in English

Smaller dishes

Shrimp sandwich
Half. 125 SEK
Full. 180 SEK
Lobster soup
Shrimp, asparagus. 125 SEK
Aioli, chive mayonnaise, lemon, levain bread. (300 grams). 150 SEK
(500 grams). 210 SEK
Garlic bread. 35 SEK
Levain bread. 49 SEK
French Fries and dipp. 45 SEK
Dipp. 25 SEK
Truffle mayonnaise
Kewpie mayonnaise

Larger dishes

Brasserie21:s hamburger (180 gram)
Brioche, Väddö-cheddar, kewpie mayonnaise, pickles, pickled white globe oinion, tomato, salad, french fries with aioli dipping sauce. 195 SEK
Vegetarian opiton: Beyond meat burger.
Porkschnitzel (200 gram)
Chorizo butter, grilled lemon, ruccola salad, capers, french fries. 245 SEK
Sausages plate
5 kinds of sausage, appleslaw, souerkraut, levain bread, truffle mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, pepper mustard, ketchup, french fries. 225 SEK
Fried celeriac
Marinated portobello, grits, pico de gallo, grilled corn on the cob, beetroot chips. 205 SEK
Moules frites
Sea mussles, white wine, herbs, cream, french fries.
Half 125 SEK
Full 195 SEK


Shrimp salad
Hand-peeled shrimp, fresh beans, eggs, radishes, green ranch dressing. 205 SEK
Caesar salad
Chicken thigh, bacon, parmesan cheese, sourdough croutons. 175 SEK
Artichoke salad
Wild rice, kale, ruccola, pomegranate, pear, roasted hazelnuts, soybeans. 165 SEK

Grilled sandwiches

Reuben sandwich
Beef brisket, dijonnaise,
butter fried cabbages, emmentaler cheese. 150 SEK
Ham and cheese sandwich
Väddö cheddar, smoked porkloin, emmentaler cheese, mustard creme, red onions. 135 SEK
Chicken and Nduja sandwich
Sun-dried tomato, salami, mozarella, pepperjack cheese. 150 SEK
3 types of cheese
Provolone, Väddö-cheddar, scamorza cheese. 135 SEK

Kids menu

Brasserie21:s kidsburger (80gram)
Väddö-cheddar, kewpie mayonnaise, tomato, salad, french fries. 95 SEK
Homemade pancakes
Homemade strawberry jam, whipped cream. 85 SEK

All dishes on the menu are available as kidportions.